Hi, I am Benoît Vermeerbergen.

I was born in Villers-Semeuse, France "Sous X". This means that my parents and especially my mother did not want to be known or found. My birth certificate literally only shows X's by my parents names. 

Growing up I had a lot of questions trying to understand all of this. After my studies I purposely began working for the 'Population Services' in the hope of discovering more information about my birth mother. 

During this proces and the years that followed, I helped so many other people in their search (for example, trying to find their biological birth parents), that I made genealogical research my main source of income. It has always been and will aways be my greatest passion in life! 

Genealogy and adoption therefore are my fields op specification. In the past couple of years I've also started working in the field of 'DNA'. In 2019 I found my biological mother through this method. 

I cooperate with a lot of genealogical and adoption related authorities and helped to invent and build many adoption related platforms. Although Belgium is my home country, I also have experience in doing research abroad, i.e. Australia, Mexico, The Netherlands, ...

If you have any questions regarding research related to Belgium in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are trying to look for ancestors who may have lived in Belgium, if you have the faintest clue that your biological parents might live or may have lived here, or any other question, please send an e-mail to genealogicalresearchbe@gmail.com and I would be glad to help you in your search.

Work for Record Click in the USA